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Welcome to mylivn
PRO Program

Be compensated for all, of the hard work you put into creating top content in both Single and Group channels

PRO channels will have advertisements placed directly into their feed and stories.

No extra work from your side.

Keep posting content and let it be seen by the mylivn community.​

Why to become a PRO

This is your chance to make some stone cold cash doing what you love. Both Single and Group channels are given the opportunity to monetise their content by advertisements being placed directly into their channel. You will get paid based off of the impressions and clicks on your content! We know you put so much work into your channels and we want to make sure you are finally being compensated like you deserve.

Who Can Apply

Everyone! Give us the chance to take a look at your channel and see who you are. To be selected, creators must have:

    Minimum 5,000 follower

    You must be an active mylivn user!

    Minimum two members for Group Channels

    18+ years old

Featured Creators

  • Jump on a social network growing fast, worldwide​.
  • Monetize content directly with single and group channels.​
  • Highlighting a map to follow you around the world​.
  • Giving everyone the chance to make it big with Spotlight​.
Become a PRO

Creators, get ready!

Creators are the future of social media. Long gone are the times of having to find partnerships to get paid for your content.

At mylivn we understand that creators deserve to get paid for their work and we are here to make sure it happens. Both Single and Group channels can make it big and finally be rewarded with what they deserve.

The first users who apply will be considered for the beta version of the mylivn Pro Program