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Our Brand Guidelines

Here you'll find our brand assets together with guidelines on how to use them correctly. If you want to use mylivn's brand assets in a way that is not covered in these guidelines, you're always welcome to email us at and request a permission.

We update these guidelines regularly, so make sure to stay up to date with the most recent changes.

Let's cover the basics

  • Download and use mylivn's visual brand assets from our Brand Assets Kit.
  • Make sure that our brand assets are displayed clearly.
  • Write mylivn in a consistent way, with an lowercase m.
  • Follow all of mylivn's current Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.
  • Use our brand assets in a way that could imply a partnership, sponsorship or endorsement by mylivn.
  • Use our brand assets or anything similar to them for any other trademarks, names, domain names, usernames or logos.
  • Use visual brand assets taken from third party sources.
  • Copy the mylivn look and feel by using similar colors, fonts and design.
  • Use mylivn’s brand assets in connection to illegal activities, marketplaces or materials that violate mylivn’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or Cookie Policy.


Our logo is our identity. It consists of a Globe icon and a wordmark which are always shown horizontally.

To ensure good visibility, we have designed our logo to fit different backgrounds. The logo with a dark wordmark should be used on white or light backgrounds; the logo with a white wordmark should be used on black or dark backgrounds.

Please note that our logo should not be placed on top of other images that impair its visibility.

Globe icon

Our Globe icon consists of six 3D circles that represent the globe. Each circle has its own, specific color.

Once the mylivn brand has already been established, it’s okay to use the Globe icon by itself. Please keep the following in mind.

  • Only use the Globe icon that we provide here.
  • Follow the clear space rules.
  • Show the Globe icon in the same size as other logos around it.
  • Modify the Globe icon in any way.
  • Use versions of the Globe icon from third party sources.
  • Use the Globe icon to represent products and services other than mylivn.
  • Cover the Globe icon with images.
  • Display the Globe icon on top of other images that impair its visibility.


In rare cases when the use of colors is not possible, it’s okay to use the wordmark by itself.

Please keep in mind the following.

  • Only use the wordmark that we provide here.
  • Follow the clear space rules.
  • Show the wordmark in the same size as other logos around it.
  • Modify the wordmark in any way.
  • Use versions of the wordmark from third party sources.
  • Use the wordmark to represent products and services other than mylivn.
  • Use the font of the wordmark for your product or service names.
  • Cover the wordmark with images.
  • Display the wordmark on top of other images.

Clear space

The minimum clear space around the logo is equal to the height of the blue circle in the Globe icon and also equal to the ‘m’. More space is always preferred.

The space between the Globe icon and the wordmark is equal to the width of the orange circle in the Globe icon. Always show the mylivn logo in the same size as other logos around it.


To make sure our identity is always recognizable, we have designed the logo and the Globe icon with a minimum size in mind. Include wordmark by itself. Remove blue background, clear lines.

If you want to print or use our logo in a size bigger than A4 (210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches), please email us at to request permission.

Minimum width logo without tagline: 100 pixels/0.4 inch/10 millimeters

Minimum width of logomark when used by itself: 18 pixels/0.16 inch/3 millimeters


There are lots of different colors on our platform but our primary ones are mylivn darkness, dark blue and white.

mylivn darkness and white are the colors we use for the two versions of our wordmark. Dark blue is the color we use for the icon background.

mylivn darkness
RGB - 33 39 51
CMYK - 82 72 54 61
HEX - 212733
RGB - 255 255 255
CMYK - 0 0 0 0
mylivn gradient
RGB - 33 39 51 > 53 67 100
CMYK - 82 72 54 61 > 86 75 37 25
HEX -212733 > 354364
30° from left bottom to right top


Oswald Regular
Helvetica Neue Regular

Just like mylivn's voice and tone, our typeface is friendly, straightforward and uncomplicated.

You'll see us use Helvetica Neue Regular in general situations, like this one.

The font you need to reproduce your mylivn username is Oswald Regular with 0 tracking.

This is your username.

This is body text. This is the font we use internally, on our website and in various documents.

Username lockup

We have created a username lockup so you can easily state your presence on mylivn. It's a combination of our Globe icon and your username. Here are a few rules of thumb.

  • Use Oswald Regular with 0 tracking for the username.
  • Combine the username with the Globe icon that we provide.
  • Feel free to choose a color other than black for your username.
  • Follow the design and clear space rules of the username lockup.
  • Imply a sponsorship, endorsement or any other kind of cooperation with mylivn.
  • Publish the username lockup in a way that it could be confused with another brand.

Logo guideline

We like consistency, which is why mylivn's identity must always be reproduced from the standard designs that we provide here.

Our logo must not be compromised or manipulated in any way. We have included a few examples of unacceptable uses and alterations of our logo.

Don't use a false tagline.

Don't stretch, squeeze or manipulate the logo in any way.

Don't use colors for the wordmark and the Globe icon different from the ones specified in our guidelines.

Don't use the dark logo on a dark background or the white logo on a light background.

Don't use an alternative font for our wordmark.

Don't twist and turn the logo.

Don't outline the wordmark, add a gradient color to the Globe icon or manipulate the design in any way.

Don't show the logo in a size smaller than the one specified in our guidelines.

Don't place the logo on a colorful image that could impair the visibility of the Globe icon, the wordmark or both.

Writing about mylivn

  • Use the full name “mylivn” without any modification.
  • Write the name “mylivn” with an lowercase m.
  • Display the word “mylivn” in the same font size and style as the content surrounding it.
  • Modify the word “mylivn” in any way, such as by capitalizing random letters, separating it into two words (i.e. my livn, My Livn or My living) or abbreviating it.
  • Pluralize the word “mylivn” or use it as a verb.

Mentioning mylivn in apps and products

  • Describe how your app, website or product relates to or is compatible with mylivn.
  • Come up with a unique name for your app, website or product.
  • Design your own original logo to represent your brand.
  • Combine any part of our brand assets with parts of your own brand.
  • Suggest that mylivn sponsors or endorses your app, website or product.
  • Use “mylivn” in your app name, website name, domain name or product name.
  • Name your brand something that is intentionally similar to mylivn (e.g. ourlivn, yourlivn).
  • Use any of mylivn's trademarks, logos or other visual identifiers as part of your brand identity (e.g. your app icon, logo and product design).
  • Describe your app as “for mylivn” when it is not integrated with the mylivn platform or specifically designed to complement the mylivn app.

Broadcasting mylivn content

If you'd like to show content from mylivn during a live event or a TV program, make sure you have the latest version of the app before you film or take screenshots. Present all content in its original version, without adding or altering elements other than the ones mentioned here.

Please take the following details into account:

  • A screenshot from a post must be captured as it is shown on the app.
  • A screenshot from a story must always include a username.
  • Always ask for the written permission of a mylivn user before using content from their account.

Please note that you cannot use any of our brand assets in your TV show, film or book without a written permission from us. You’re welcome to email us at for more information.