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The future is personal.

The future is private.

Curate people, places and things you love

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Collection Channels

Collect channels you're passionate about into a collection just like you add your favorite music into a playlist.

Create as many Collection Channels as you want – whether it's about sports, travel, fitness or music.

It's never been so comfortable to curate the content you like.

Location Channels

Follow locations like you used to follow people

Turn any place you like into your personal location channel and get inspired by local content – shared by people you don't even follow.

Fall in love with places and learn about them as if you're already there!

It's never been so easy to be an insider to the world's hippest places.

4U Channel

Get entertained by content that feels tailor-made for you and discover new channels.

Daily enjoy the most trending posts and stories personally selected for you based on your interests.

It's never been so personal to be entertained.

Group Channels

Create unique groups and personalize the way you communicate.​

Fancy the convenience of a group combined with the beauty​ of a photo album? Create Group Channels with your most favorite people or about your passions. Keep them private and give access only to people you like – or make them public and invite likeminded ones. Each Group comes with their own feed, story and map.​

It's never been so pleasant to share the most private.

Interactive map

Discover places worldwide with their hotspots and scene without being on site.

Check out most trending local posts and stories. Share your fav moments, leave your personal footprint on the map and inspire others just like you got inspired.

It's never been so simple to be adventurous.


Discover what's trending in the world – outside your community.

Find anything trending you want in one place – people, groups, stories and topics and get ready for inspo at its best.

It's never been so easy to have your finger on the pulse.

Join our Publisher Program

We acknowledge your passion and dedication creators like you put into their channels. That's why we encourage each creator by offering to monetize your channel in the most convenient way.

Just keep doing what you've always done and love – but with more creative freedom and possibilities.Create your channel

Our publisher program will start end of 2020. Join our community. ​

We'll keep you posted on updates here.