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mylivn is where millions can​ connect, ​organize and create together.

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Channels system

Swipe and scroll

Welcome back chronological display! Follow as many channels as you would like and see them all in your channel bar.


More personal,
more inspiring

Create your channel which comes along with your personal map, filter bar and feed.

Group channel

Creating communities

Create or join groups with your most favorite people, or passions. Give selected individual permission to post while enjoying the groups own feed, story and map.

Channel collection

Like playlists

Collect channels you´re passionate about into collections – just like you add songs into playlists.

Location channel

Be everywhere, from anywhere

Turn any place you like to follow into your personal location channel, like you used to follow people.

Become an insider to the world´s hippest places.

Hashtag channel

Just tag it

Follow hashtags like you follow channels and always be up to date.

Interactive map

Map your life

Leave your footprints wherever you go and discover life all around you.


What´s up!​

Find everything trending in one place – people, groups, stories and topics. Get ready for inspiration at its best.

Become a PRO

We acknowledge the passion and dedication creators like you put into their channels. This is why we encourage each creator by offering to monetize your channel in the most convenient way.

Just keep doing what you’ve always done – but with more creative freedom and possibilities.

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