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Mylivn is a place inspired by people.

Mylivn is a social lifestyle platform where people can share, create and discover as well as shop inspirational posts and products from all around the world.



Whether you’re an experienced professional or seeking a graduate role, you can search and apply for your next opportunity at mylivn.


Current Positions:

  • You should be:

    • A senior developer ready to design and implement awesome new features through innovation.
    • Someone who wants to push the limits of product innovation using the latest advancements in method and technology — working closely with management, product developers, designers and other engineering team members.
    • Someone that works best in an environment with a sense of urgency who can actively contribute to product and platform features.
    • Has expert knowledge of computer science, with a strong adequacy in data structures, algorithms, and software design.

    Relevant skills to have:

    • Strong Java experience.
    • Exposure to architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application.
    • Strong algorithms, data structures and coding background.
    • Disciplined approach to testing and quality assurance.
    • Experience with web infrastructure and distributed systems.
    • Experience with software engineering’s best practices (e.g. unit testing, code reviews, design documentation).
    • B.S. or higher in Computer Science (or equivalent work experience).

    We are searching for developers with:

    • Strong industry experience in architecture and development of scalable production quality backend systems.
    • Our backend technology is mostly Java based, so having prior background in writing high performance Java code is beneficial.
    • Good understanding of distributed systems, data stores, data modeling, indexing and associated trade-offs.
    • Strong CS fundamentals, rigorous in engineering.
    • Experience in hiring, mentoring, coaching and developing top engineering talent.

    Characteristics that will really intrigue us:

    • A strong passion for the product!
    • Data-informed product development experience, e.g., analytics, A/B testing.
    • Prior experience working for a consumer Internet company.
    • Successful track record of managing small teams of engineers and project management skills.
    • Experience with PLAY, SCALA, SOLR and AKKA.
    • Experience working on NoSQL databases, (CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra).
    • Experience with handling large and concurrent data payloads.
    • Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    • Knowledge of CQRS, domain driven design.
  • Candidate Requirements:

    • B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or 4+ years experience in software development.
    • 4+ years of object-oriented software development.
    • 4+ years building Android applications in Java using Android SDK.
    • 4+ years mobile application development experience (Android, J2ME or Blackberry).
    • Experience in understanding large and complex code bases, including API design techniques to help keep them clean and maintainable.
    • Experience in the following technologies:
      • Java language and related frameworks.
      • Multi-Threading and memory management specific to mobile devices.
      • Caching mechanisms.

    Characteristics that will really intrigue us:

    • Strong passion for the product!
    • Strong background and knowledge of Java. 
    • Strong experience developing user interfaces for applications on Android using Android SDK. 
    • Prior experience working for a consumer Internet company.
    • Experience with test driven development.
  • Candidate Requirements:

    • 4+ years of experience in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS / SASS. Good knowledge of the language itself. Can write clean and maintainable code in plain JS. 
    • 2+ years of experience in AngularJS. Deep understanding of framework structure and workflow. (Please add a description of your AngularJS projects and your role in them).
    • ReactJS experience is a plus.
    • Good knowledge of ES6 and typescript.
    • Knowledge of modern JS developer tooling (developing, package management and deployment).
    • Has worked with long polling and web socket and handling multiple async requests in a complex messaging workflow.
    • Clear understanding of security concepts in web application, and knows how to handle different types of security threats. 
    •  Experience in debugging across multiple browsers and mobile devices. 
    • A keen interest in optimizing the speed and performance of client side web apps.
    • Great team spirit and communication skills.
    • Disciplined approach to testing and quality assurance.
    • Basic experience with web infrastructure and distributed systems.

    Characteristics that will really intrigue us:

    • Strong passion for the product!
    • Substantial curiosity for JavaScript.
    • Prior experience working for a consumer Internet company.
    • Experience with continuous deployment. 
    • Experience with test driven development.
  • What we expect:

    • Help us to develop, launch and maintain our 1st generation mylivn-apps all over the world.
    • Contribute to the full life cycle of the app development.
    • Contribute to the technical success and further enhancement of mylivn at an international scale.
    • Code quality, unit tests and scalability mean something to you.
    • You feel comfortable owning and maintaining complex systems.
    • You have an attraction towards user experience, with an eye for a great user friendly design.

    Candidate Requirements:

    • Very good English speaking & writing skills.
    • 3+ years of experience in the development of iOS apps using Objective C and web services – preferably with REST and JSON.
    • Familiarity with Core Graphics, GCD, AVFoundation, Core Animation, MapKit, SOLID, Dependency Injection, Unit Tests and CI.
    • Experience with image and video processing (cut, resize, merge, etc.)
    • Experience working with Apple Developer Member Center and app distribution (certificates, provision profiles, devices, etc.)
    • Experience working with Social Media frameworks (Facebook, Google + and Twitter).
    • Swift knowledge is a plus. 
    • Experience working with Swift and Objective-C in the same project.
    • Experience working with iOS App Extensions.
    • Experience working with web sockets. 
  • Responsibilities: 

    • You will support our team in creating new and progressive content for our site.
    • You will help with the fine-tuning of existing content on our site.
    • You will aid in the outlook of communication within the site.
    • You will help to determine the most relevant topics for our target groups and spread them via consumer press and social media.

    Candidate Requirements: 

    • You are English or Spanish native.
    • You are currently studying Marketing, Communication, Graphic Design, or something related.
    • You already have gained first hand experience in the Social Media and Communications industry, ideally in the internet sector. 
    • You are highly adaptable and thrive in a rapidly-changing, complex environment.
    • You know all the major social media platforms like (Facebook, Pinterest and Co) and use them every day.
    • You are extremely motivated, self-driven and have a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.
    • You are looking for a big challenge and want to have an impact on a global scale.
    • Are passionate about using social media. 
    • You are fluent in the English language.
  • Responsibilities:

    • Functional testing of our application. 
    • Verify that the application is working as per the requirements.
    • Performance testing.
    • Write automated tests to do functionality verification.
    • Write automated testing frameworks.
    • Analysis of logs. 

    Candidate Requirements: 

    • You are currently studying Informatics, Mathematics, or something related.
    • You have basic knowledge of Java, Junit.
    • You have basic knowledge of Selenium.
    • You have basic knowledge of database concepts, unix/linux concepts (familiarity of basic commands).
    • You have a good understanding of html.
    • Have a basic knowledge of Jmeter/Gatling. 
    • You are fluent in the English language. 


Mylivn is a place inspired by people.

Engage with the world through findings, trends, ideas and lifestyles from all around the globe.

Share whatever makes you happy and become inspired by life, gather the best ideas, connect with your favorite brands and discover the most astonishing places.



  • We started mylivn with the sole goal of inspiring other people. You can inspire others by relating to their interests and connecting with other people around the world from your own interests.
  • From photos and videos, to selfies, music and more, you can use mylivn to discover trending topics and categories that help shape your personality and find the motivation to seek what you love.
  • Simply post, browse, save and share everything you find that captures your imagination on mylivn and use mylivn as a fast track to purchase and shop for products, items and gifts that evoke all of the things that you find inspiring.
  • By diving in and starting your day with a dose of inspiration from mylivn, you will be internally connected to the creative movements of the new generation -a collective of eclectic people revolutionizing the way we engage with the world around us, one life changing idea at a time.

Those ideas are discovered, showcased and loved right here on mylivn.

  • Download the app of browse the mylivn website to find your special piece of inspiration and motivation!

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